Emotional Freedom Technique - With The Sonic Slider Tuning Fork

Using EFT - along with sonic slider tuning fork to immediately shift deep states of lower emotion

Have you ever had a bad argument with your partner, had a challenging day at work, been laid off, been through a separation, or lost a loved one. These and other strong emotions usually get stuck in our auric fields. These stay stuck and get deeper. If not cleared over time they will end up causing physical symptoms and illness.

There are really simple things you can do right away to release the strong emotions of these in minutes before they translate into physical symptoms.

Many of you are familiar with EFT Tapping - or The Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping. (If not here is a link to The Tapping Solution by Nick Ortner where they describe it so beautifully)

When we combine the power of sound vibrations with Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping the effect is powerful

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

There are 9 important points on our body (see image below). These are the end-points of 9 meridians in our body.

1 - the side of our hand - The karate chop point (both hands)

2 - eyebrow point (both sides)

3 - side of the eye (both sides)

4 - under eye (both sides)

5 - under nose

6 - chin

7 - collar bone (both sides)

8 - under arm (both sides)

9 - top of the head

In EFT tapping, we apply pressure by tapping our fingers firmly on these points while thinking of the stress/situation . Doing this calms the amygdala. This is known to

  • Reduce stress (According to research reduced by 41%)
  • Reduce pain
  • Better sleep
  • Increase energy
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Increase focus

When we combine EFT-tapping with sound vibrations, the effect is deeply magnified. Within just 2 minutes, you feel the energetic shift in the body. For this I use the sonic slider tuning fork

The frequency of the Sonic Slider, 93.96 Hz, is remarkable for its ability to produce noticeable changes quickly.. This frequency is the 12th harmonic of the Schumann Resonance -- the electromagnetic pulse of the Earth.

This is a weighted tuning fork and it's designed to be used directly on the face and body.

You would activate the tuning fork and place the base on the 9 EFT tapping points one by one . Hold it there and allow the sound to run into the point until the vibration stops. Even if you don't consciously think of the stressful situation, the sound vibrations running into your meridians is so calming it brings you to balance and center in just a minute or two.

Here are the aura images and shifts created by using the sonic slider on the 9 EFT points. For this experiment we went through the 9 points one by one two times each.

The person was extremely exhausted, tired and depressed. Notice her auric field has a big gap - between the yellow and gold layer. We use the sonic slider directly on the 9 EFT points. Allowing the vibration to run into her body through the sonic slider. We went through all the 9 points two times - so did two rounds of EFT tapping.

In just these few minutes her aura shifted so beautifully. She was noticeably brighter and felt more energy than she had when we started.

Here is what the sonic slider tuning fork looks like. It's helpful to have the circuit boot attachment as it helps magnify the sound vibrations that go into the meridian points.

This is powerful to shift deep trauma or stress right away so it DOES NOT get stuck in your fields! Way way more effective and faster than just using your fingers. (This is not to discount using your fingers - that is very effective … just that sound vibration takes the experience to a whole different level of healing!)

When to use it

  • In a stressful situation - argument with partner, stressful situation at work, relationship breakup, being laid off
  • Feeling extremely fearful or anxious - great for anxiety attacks
  • Going through deep depression
  • If a child has had a bad dream or is being bullied at school - great to do it for a child. You can hold the fork on the EFT points for the child.
  • At the start and/or end of the day to come to center
  • Before a meeting or interview at work

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