Right Side & Back Heart, Chest, Lungs

Many of us say “YES” to people when we really mean “NO”.

This can be so because we want to be loved or accepted. Many older siblings in families develop this pattern unconsciously because they are expected to help with younger siblings. This shows up strong in our aura as blocks on the right front side of the heart. Read on to see what else gets stuck here ….

“The aura is in constant motion and it is flowing not only physical energies like magnetic and electric fields but also the subtle energies of the etheric, the elements, the dimensions, the chakras and more.

Anything that is happening within our body, mind and soul is reflected in our aura. The cause (of anything happening on the physical level) is almost always on the higher levels in our aura. While the physical manifestation shows the effect, the body is receiving the imbalanced energies from higher levels (of our aura)

As humans we are comprised of a high range of frequencies both physical and spiritual....We are multi-dimensional and multi-vibrational beings” Dr. Theresa Bullard

If you are dealing with

  • Stiff neck and shoulders
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Issues with the upper spine
  • Asthma, lung issues
  • Blood pressure issues
  • Any conditions related to the heart
  • Issues with hands, elbows etc.

More than likely you have auric field blocks over this area.

Again as a reference here is a key to what colors signify stuck energy. We are looking for

  • green and orange areas - they are clear areas
  • reds, turquoise, blues, mauves and purple/deep blue shades show areas of stuck energy.
  • Areas where we see dark blues/red is when the person begins to experience physical symptoms - meaning energy has been stuck there for a long time.

Let’s dive right in, the aura (biofield) image below shows common emotions that can get stuck on the right front side of the heart and with a blocked/closed heart energy center.

Here is what a fairly clear auric field around the heart looks like

Now let's look at what common emotions can get stuck towards the back of the heart.

And here is what a clear back of the heart area looks like

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