Throat Area

If you are dealing with health issues like

  • TMJ,
  • teeth and gum problems,
  • thyroid issues,
  • ear and hearing issues,
  • tinnitus,
  • tonsillitis etc.

there are most probably blocks around the throat area. Let's begin by looking at what these auric blocks around the throat look like.

The imaging program translates the energetic information into colors. Each color represents a certain frequency.

  • We want the colors to be light, bright and clear.
  • Around the body the colors should form fairly clean boundaries with a range of colors
  • On the body
    • we want to see large areas of green with yellows and with lines of red
    • areas of red, turquoise, mauve and deep blue show areas of auric blocks

Here is a quick reference. The images on the right are what we want to see and show clear flowing energy. As energy gets blocked the colors get deeper

When energy is blocked initially we don’t have any physical symptoms. As energy stays stuck for a long period of time (the colors of mauve, deep blue) that's when physical symptoms show up.

So if you have been struggling with physical symptoms somewhere in your body, chances are there is deep stuck emotional energy over it.

Let’s look at the auric image for this woman. First lets see the auric colors around her body. There are many colors, bright and strong. Each color represents an aspect of her personality.

Now let's zoom into her throat area

Notice that the areas on the two sides of her throat are deep blue. The image above details what emotions are stuck there, perhaps since childhood. She is having physical symptoms in the throat area.

To truly heal it's important to clear the auric area of these blocked emotions.

What clears these ?

Different kinds of energy work can shift auric fields - some of them take longer and some methods work sooner.

Since I started doing imaging about 2 years ago I've tested several different modalities to see which ones work well.

Essential oils and crystals do shift energies. However, certain sound frequencies have shown to create auric shifts fairly quickly - sound frequencies from certain tuning forks, crystal singing bowls and even recorded sound sessions.

If you feel you have blocked auric areas around your throat, here are two beautiful crystal bowl sound sessions by Healing Vibrations Media and the incredible Jeralyn Glass. This sound healing session from healing vibrations is just about 9 minutes, uses the note of G and focuses on the throat area.

Jeralyn Glass’ session connects with the solar plexus and 3rd eye center allowing you to open and clear your communications.

Simply listen to the beautiful sounds of these two sessions. They gently begin to create shifts in your energy. You can listen with headphones or leave them on in the background as you go about your work.

Just listening to them once is not enough to clear deep auric blocks - listening several times over the coming days will begin to create gentle shifts.

This sound session is designed to help with …. “Speaking your truth with loving presence. Connecting your gut wisdom to your inner knowing with the powerful yet soft sweetness of Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise Platinum, Larimar, Emerald. Receive these Colors of the Throat Chakra and the Green of the Heart- Ease of Expression, Grace and Elegance. Feel the intertwining of harmonies, binaural beats, blues that heal your blues. Stabilizing and Anchoring”

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