Left Side Heart, Chest, Lungs

Ever had a relationship break up, or lost a dream job, lost a loved one? Was your mother sad? Did she never express herself? Felt disappointed or neglected? These are some of the issues that get stuck over the left side of the heart.

Eileen McKusick is a pioneer in the human biofield, therapeutic sound and electric health. She discovered through several years of working with sound that she could map the human biofield (aura). What she discovered through working on thousands is that certain emotions usually get stuck over certain areas of the body.

The heart area is a big one. If you are dealing with

  • Stiff neck and shoulders
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Issues with the upper spine
  • Asthma, lung issues
  • Blood pressure issues
  • Any conditions related to the heart
  • Issues with hands, elbows etc

The heart area (front and/or back) can have many unprocessed emotions stuck here

Let's look at what this can look like in an aura (biofield) image

Here is a key of what the aura (biofield) should look like. Light bright greens and yellows with lines of red is what we are looking for. This indicates clear aura/biofields.

Clumps of red, turquoise, mauve & deep blues indicate blocks. With the blocks being deeper as we move to the darker colors and area

Left Side Of Heart - What Gets Stuck Here?

Here is the Aura (biofield) image showing blocks on the left side of the heart. The right side is fairly clear with some minor blocks

Many times the event has passed and we have pushed it into the background, but our auric body (our biofield) continues to hold the unprocessed traumas.

The left side can store a whole range of blocked emotions. The primary ones being

  • Sadness
  • Grief
  • Loss
  • Depression

The left side gets blocked when

  • We harbor a lot of old pain & hurt - connected to some lack or loss of love
  • Energy of sadness around loss of loved ones (grief)
  • Experiences of neglect, abuse, abandonment, & betrayal
  • End of relationships, jobs, dreams, anything else we hold dear to us
  • Depression
  • Disappointment
  • Loneliness, melancholy and abandonment
  • A lot of our pain from our families and our ancestors' issues can also get stuck here (even though you didn't even know about them!)
  • If you parents particularly your mother carried a lot of sadness, a piece of that sadness gets stuck in you

Another trauma that can get stuck on this side is collective world sadness. This gets stuck under the left armpit area. As an example - the terrorist attack on 9/11 or any other terrorist attack, natural disaster where you are taking in the news often. This can get stuck in your auric field. Even if you weren’t physically present there - when you continuously watch the news about it and/or begin to empathetically connect with the event, it gets stuck on the left side of the heart. Sadness, shock & disillusionment gets stuck here. Eileen McKusick names this the “world pain zone”

Well, what can we do? What shifts the blocks? That’s the question.

Most common things don’t usually shift this blocked energy. These blocks stay stuck over a long period of time, many times for years.

START: In an experiment we did , we took the following images of a person over time. Look at the blocks at the back of the heart at the start of our experiment.

MEDITATION: 5 DAYS LATER: We decided to do meditation to see if it would shift - 5 days later, there was no measurable shift in the block over the back of the heart. The meditation seems to have helped the auric fields (see the expanded pink and orange) and the higher layers of the biofield but not directly shift the block at the back of the heart

NOTE: all meditation is not equal, certain meditations like Dr. Joe Dispenza’s guided meditations esp the blessing of the energy centers do record auric shifts.

DIET ENHANCEMENTS: 3 WEEKS LATER: We enhanced nutrition and supplements to see if it would shift the block around the heart - Again the blocks at the back did not shift. The auric field itself got brighter though

Finally we decided to use sound instruments - we used specific tuning forks, singing bowls, and audio recordings and within an hour there was measurable shift at the back of the heart . Also note the shift and brightness in the auric field surrounding the person.

Ways To Shift / Support Our Auric Field

7 Minute Chakra Tune-up

Our chakras or energy centers are our energetic communication channels. When they are blocked (by emotions or traumas) the rest of the area and organs governed by that energy center continue to get more energy stuck. It is fairly easy to begin to open and “tune” our chakras using our own voice.

Tuning our chakras will begin to assist in clearing blocks in those energy centers. There are quicker ways to clear this blocked energy, however, chakra tuning is a fantastic place to start and all it needs is your voice.

Follow award winning sound pioneer Jonathan Goldman in the powerful 7 chakra tune-up (His album “Chakra Chants” won the 1999 Visionary awards ). Tone and hum along with him in the short video.

In this video focus of the chakra color and image and tone along with the audio. Your own voice is extremely powerful when used this way to clear blocked energy centers. Jonathan sounds the “sound” of each chakra 3 times. See the image for the chakra sounds. Tone and hum along with him.

Doing this everyday for sometime can begin to shift and clear your fields , slowly but surely.

Most of us don’t have time. We usually get things done if we find a way to incorporate them into our routine

  1. You could tone along with this audio as you drive to work (this is the easiest and it gets done )
  2. You could tone as you do the dishes or just before or after a shower as you get dressed

Believe me it's worth the effort to bring this into your routine.

If you do have the time focusing on each chakra area as you tone will go deeper in clearing the chakras.

You can download the audio only version for use in the car (see resources)

This is a profoundly powerful chakra balancing audio by sound healing pioneer Jonathan Goldman.

Here are two more resources

Listen to these powerful sound healing sessions for beginning to clear the heart area

This is a 12 minute beautiful singing bowl meditation by Professor Jeralyn Glass.

Reflections of the Heart, Vibrations of Love.This is a Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowl Meditation in the Key of F, the tonality of the Heart. When you allow yourself to be in stillness, removed from thought, what does your heart reveal?

The Alchemies of this beautiful set enhance and support self love and forgiveness. The unusual set of bowls based on a grounding F note evoke the amplification of healing vibrations inside your body at the cellular level and, into the world. Be bathed in the nurturing frequencies of Peridot, Rhodochrosite, Palladium, Grandmother, Lemon Aura Gold, Dead Sea Salt, Lemurian Seed Crystal and more. Feel stability and safety.”

This is a video for unblocking the heart chakra by healing vibrations

This is one you want to leave on all night in the back ground at low volume (or through the day in the background) - This can be helpful esp if you have deep blocks around the front and back of the heart (which many of us can have)

If you do please don’t keep your device close to the body - make sure your phone or digital device it at least 6 - 8 feet away from the body (You don’t want to be zapping yourself with emfs while sleeping!)

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