Abdomen (Upper) -Parents & Ancestral Traumas

If you are dealing with any conditions related to the

  • Spleen, pancreas, stomach, kidneys, adrenals, liver and/or gallbladder
  • Any of the range of skin conditions from eczema to acne or psoriasis
  • Metabolism issues
  • Any digestive issues

More than likely you have emotional blocks/traumas in this area of the body - the left and right side of the solar plexus

Eileen McKusick, sound researcher and pioneer, describes in detail the whole range of emotions that can get stuck in our auric body (biofield). Based on her biofield anatomy map, the two images below detail what emotions can get stuck on either side of the solar plexus in the front and towards the back of our bodies.

In addition to our own traumas, this is the area we can have blocks connected with our parents and our ancestry.

According to Eileen, while working on the biofield she says she has encountered energies from our ancestors up to 4 generations up in a person’s field. At times, we are stuck in our lives not because of our own energies but because of the traumas of our ancestors!

Barbara Brennan, the founder of the Brennan Healing Science and healing centers was a world renowned healer and teacher. A former NASA physicist, she has authored several books on healing. In her book Core Light Healing she talks about the energetic connections between us and our parents.

See the images below. We are connected with our birth parents energetically through all our energy centers through genetic cords. We are also connected to our ancestors several generations up through the solar plexus energy center.

Our relationship with our parents since conception is stored in this area. If you are dealing with health issues related to the organs and systems in this area it is possible there is a lot of stuck trauma in here. This could be either through your relationship directly with your parents or traumas that have made it down the ancestry line that you may not know anything about.

When I do imaging of this area for many many people I encounter deep blues and dense stuck energy in this area.

“I have found that color in the aura is directly related to sound. Sounding specific pitches into the field not only produces specific colors in the field but is also a powerful agent of healing”

Barbara Brennan, founder of the Brennan Healing Science and former NASA physicist.

Well not to worry, there are things you can do about it! First here is an incredible crystal singing bowl recording by Professor Jeralyn Glass to begin to clear the solar plexus area

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