Using Light Pulses To Clear Auric Blocks

Using a Lemurian Quartz Point and the 4096 Hz tuning fork to create light and sound pulses that can clear areas of deep blocks.

This is a simple yet such a powerful way to begin to clear our auric fields (biofields) of traumas that have been stuck for years and years and years.

The 4096Hz is called the crystal tuner frequency. This is a multiple of the Earth’s natural resonance (approx 8 cps).

Here is a short video where I share the aura recording of the light pulses that are created by this simple crystal and tuning fork.

This video has 2 parts

  1. The aura video of light pulses
  2. I pulse my son with these to clear and balance his fields
    (he has just had an argument with his sister and part of the aura around his head is missing) - you can see his aura shift as I work on him in the video.

And I share 3 easy and quick ways to use this.

This short video is worth your time! I love to capture aura videos.

Here are a few screenshots from the video

I am using a special filter so we can isolate the vibration of the energy that animates us (Prana/chi)

Image 1: Room

Image 2: As I stand by the wall you observe the beautiful white and light green field around me - that’s my field or the energy of life force

Image 3 & 4: as I work with the Lemurian Quartz Crystal and Tuning Fork the screenshots capture the pulses of light emitted by it. Notice how similar they are to the energy of the life force surrounding me.

Here are a few screenshots from the video where I am working on my son - In under 1 minute his energy shifts

Image 1: Notice auric hole around his head (he was angry with his sister)

Image 2 & 3: As I pulse him with the lemurian quartz and tuning fork, his auric field shifts to bring in the vibration of pastel yellow (intelligence) , pink (innocence), and gold (his own light).

Image 4: Even after stopping the pulsing, his auric field holds the new colors of yellow, pink and gold.

BTW - his anger and mood most certainly shifted by the end of that 1 minute and he forgot all about the argument with his sister by this time :)

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