Does Listening To Recorded Sound Sessions Actually Work?

Wondering if recordings actually work?

Not all do, but the alchemies that are created by these special crystal bowls used by Professor Jeralyn Glass are energy (and aura and life :) ) changing!

The crystal singing bowls used by Professor Jeralyn Glass are specialized alchemy singing bowls. They use the highest quality quartz and are infused with incredible healing vibrations from gemstones, precious metals, minerals and earth substances. This creates powerful healing in our auric fields when we listen to these. The recordings are also recorded with the highest quality equipment that maintains the tones and vibrations.

(FYI - I am not affiliated with Professor Glass in anyway. I am just a student of subtle energy curiously observing how it functions in our lives and finding ways to bridge the gap in our everyday living experience disconnected from our subtle energies… And I have a set-up that let’s me “see” what works and what doesn’t :) )

We did an experiment to see if just listening to this Youtube recording would cause any shift in the aura

Look at the beautiful shift created in the solar plexus area by just listening to the above recording! The person was not even actively listening. The recording was left on as the person went about doing their work in the same room. The recording was played just once and you can see the before and after auric shift created by it.

You don’t have to buy expensive equipment, to begin to heal you can start by listening to these recordings for free online.

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