Power Of Sound. Using C - G Body Tuners.

I am sharing ways to clear auric fields using sound for a couple of reasons

  • It's fairly quick and more effective at shifting auric blocks (when compared with other modalities - essential oils, crystals, Reiki, Meditation - you can most certainly combine modalities). I found (while doing imaging) we were able to shift blocks that a person has been carrying for years and years in just minutes !
  • It gives us a lot of flexibility and control and anyone can use it with a few basic instructions.

I am using tuning forks and have chosen 3 that are easily available in most parts of the world and are quite affordable.. If you feel you are ready to begin to take on your own healing journey, these are worth it.

  1. C - G tuning forks also called body tuners - Using C and G tuning forks to balance and strengthen our auric field
  2. Using clear quartz point or lemurian quartz crystal with 4096 Hz tuning fork - to send light and sound pulses to specific areas of blocks
  3. Using the sonic slider tuning fork to clear and balance immediate emotional distress - EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

But first,

The Power Of Sound

John Stuart Reid is an acoustic-physics scientist and the creator of a device called the cymascope. A device that helps visualize sound. Basically sound vibrates a membrane and it captures the images created on it.

Everything is vibration, including the cells in our body. The science of cymatics is the study of making sound and vibration visible.

Here is a telling image captured by John.

Look at the image created by the “sound” of a healthy cell and the “sound” of a cancer cell. Notice the symmetry, rhythm and patterns in the healthy cell. It's playing “it’s music” like a well tuned musical instrument. Compare it to a cancer cell - a musical instrument pretty out of tune.

“The human auditory system can perceive 10 octaves of sound vibrations. That is a large bandwidth, 10 times larger than our visual capacity. Sound can move and shape matter on a molecular level - as seen in the field of cymatics. Rather than treating just the physical level we need to heal our mind and soul” Dr. Theresa Bullard

Sound is very powerful

  • to not just shift emotional blocks in our auric fields but
  • to also heal and regenerate the physical cells in our body,
  • trigger life supporting chemical changes in our bodies and
  • balance our nervous system in minutes.

C-G Tuning forks to balance and strengthen our aura field in 2 - 3 minutes !

Let’s look at what just 2 - 3 minutes with the C and G tuning forks can do!

Image 1: Aura snapshot of the room to compare

Image 2: Aura field of the person - pretty unremarkable - shrunk and blends in with room (this is normal for most of us with our stresses and being disconnect from our true nature)

Image 3: The C and G tuning forks were used around the person's body for 2 - 3 minutes - notice the powerful shift created in the auric field - Her natural aura has expanded bringing forth her innate qualities (seen by the green, orange, gold) Also notice how beautifully the yellow and pink have come in along with a hint of gold close to her body. The yellow and pink show her connection to her inner truth

Yellow and pink are the colors we find in children

Yellow is the quality of bright inquisitive minds, strong absorption capability

Pink is unconditional love, joy, gratitude

These are the aura qualities of children and this is what draws us to children!

Its also fascinating to see that we find the same pastel pink, yellow and gold around spring blossoms (it’s the energy of innocence and new life). It’s spring time here in this part of the world. Take a look at some of the aura (biofield) images around spring blossom trees

So how do we use the C & G Tuning Forks

A tuning fork is a two pronged fork which when struck vibrates at a very specific frequency. Typically used by musicians to tune instruments but in recent years has become a powerful healing tool.

You can tap them on a hard cover book or gently against each other. Hold the fork from the stems making sure to not touch the two tines.

C and G tuning forks

The frequencies are

  • C vibrates at 256 Hz
  • G - 384Hz

Two ways to use (you can do it for yourself)

  1. Deep listening : Gently tap and hold about an inch away from the ears and listen. Keep holding until the sound stops. Tap and repeat but this time switching the forks for each ear. Do this for about 1 minute in the morning and 1 minute in the evening. That's it!
  2. In the Auric Field - tap them together two times to create audible sound with overtones and move them around the body in your energy field

According to Dr. John Beaulieu

C-G tuning forks create an interval of perfect fifth

C - 256 Hz - Root energy center

D - 288 Hz - Sacrum energy center

E - 320 Hz - Solar Plexus energy center

F - 341.3 Hz - Heart energy center

G - 384 Hz - Throat energy center

Not only does it balance, strengthen and expand the auric field (as seen in the aura imaging), this combination when done regularly

  • Lifts depression
  • Increases joint mobility
  • Balances earth with spirit
  • Works as a general tonic
  • Directly stimulates nitric oxide release in the body
  • Its enhances antibacterial, antiviral and immune system response in the body
  • Balances heart
  • Balances pituitary gland & releases opiate & cannabinoid receptor sites in the third ventricle of the brain
  • Balances sphenoid bone
  • Balances sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous system

Here is a short 3 minutes video of Dr John Beaulieu Using CG to tune the auric field

This is a really simple practice and takes barely 3 minutes - doing this regularly you begin to notice shifts in how you go through the day. Most of us lead very busy lives and don’t have the time. I find it easiest to combine a new practice like this with something we already do ..

How I use the C and G tuning Forks to wake up the kids in the morning

I have a 10 year old and a 14 year old. They won’t sit still for me or let me work on them (kids :))) So I found a gentle way to bring the C and G tuning forks in

I keep the C and G tuning forks (also called the body tuners) by the bed and when I go to wake the kids up for school, I gently tap and play the C and G tuners in their fields while waking them up. Most times they don’t even realize I am working with the tuning forks. I am careful to be gentle and not startle them awake - this way by the time they wake up, their auric field is already strengthened and ready to take on the day.

You can do the same for yourself, have the forks on your night stand and just as you wake up while still in bed just take a listen for about a minute (hold it to the ears)

Don’t underestimate the power of this very simple exercise. Done consistently and daily you begin to notice mental, emotional, and physical changes taking place in your body, mind and soul.

Having a strong auric field can also help with the following

  • prevents you from absorbing other peoples energy quickly esp if you are an empath
  • protects from energy vampires
  • allows you to function from a place of balance
  • keeps your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system in balance

Our auric field is a part of us, just like we bathe/shower everyday and brush & floss twice a day, our energetic body needs cleaning and balancing too. This is a simple yet very powerful healing tool. Esp. when done consistently within a few weeks you will feel like a different person.

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