Welcome to our transformative journey!

In this course,

  • Each day unveils a simple action step that takes just a few minutes of your time.
  • Embrace the power of Bioenergy as we explore practical action steps.
  • Witness real-life transformations through before and after images showcasing auric shifts.

One Day At A Time

Day 1: Cornered Harmony: Energize Your Space with Strategic Plant Placement

Day 2: Nourish and Flourish: The Healing Power of Living/Structured Water

Day 3: Numerical Magic: Unleashing the Power of #16 - BioGeometry gold

Day 4: Hosting with Heart: 3 Energetic Shifts for Memorable Guest Experiences

Day 5 : Reflecting Harmony: Placing/Removing Mirrors for Energetic Balance and Insight

Day 6: Discover Your Energetic Compass: Directing Health and Success

Day 7: Elevate Your Aura: Quick Tools & Techniques for Energizing and Uplifting

Day 8: Entrance Alchemy: Setting the Energetic Tone for Your Space

Day 9: Elemental Flow: Creating an Energy Vortex for Harmonious Spaces

Day 10: The Golden Touch: Designing with the Energetic Power of the Golden Ratio

Day 11: Energetic Interplay: Our Deep Emotional & Mental Connection with our Environment and Its Impact on Us

Shilpa Bhatia

Recently, I had the honor of attending Monica’s 11 day series on “Personal and Home Transformation”. All of her sessions were absolutely amazing with in-depth knowledge about each and every topic.

The PowerPoint presentation shared by her was very detailed with lots of examples and information which made understanding the topic so much easier.

Monica’s teaching is experiment based, and she is so eager and passionate to share the results with everyone. Her sessions are very interactive and she is always very kind to answer all the queries.

It was an excellent series and it really motivated me to start making these changes in my living space so I can live life fuller! I highly recommend investing time in these series, there is no better teacher than Monica!!

Dr. Suchitra Batni, Ph.D., M.B.A.

My thoughts on the 11 day series 

A paradigm shift is tough especially if invisible unseen not obvious out of the physical plane of existence we are so conditioned by.

Your content is made simple easy quick to grasp and apply ditto 

You have the gift of simplifying complexity that few do with experimental hands on practical methods 

Simplicity is genius and you have shared it so with us all in this 11 day series 

And you have the ability to steer us all back to the roots with tools techniques technology to take us there 

The authenticity of your material is delivered in such a matter of fact approach that takes away the human sting 

You are leveling the human field as equal opportunity 

You are a naturally gripping storyteller seeding wonder and curiosity in other 

You have opened new doors to nature from the human so effortlessly 

You are a lucid speaker touching all with your effortless flow 

Vibrations though subtle stick deeper and stay on 

Who knew vitality is all only vibrational ??? Now we do !!! And how ...

This 11 day series is indeed a foundational primer for the shift from the gross to the subtle - amazing !!!

And may it sprinkle its magic on all with its magnetism 

Thank you once again for this sparkling ocean of golden vibrations.

And yeah this only the beginning...

Jennie McLaws

Monica, thank you. This series is life changing. So many simple tools that are easy to implement. I appreciate the daily action steps with practice ways to apply what we have learned. 

Lessons & explanations have been clear. You have been generous with providing additional information, resources, and answering our questions.  

For me, I have been on vacation for several days so application has been less than I like. I go home Tuesday and am excited to create energy vortex spaces, buy more plants, and so much more. 

Abundance of gratitude and desires for your own continued success and happiness.

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  • Lack of awareness
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