There is more than meets the eye

In my years as an engineer, business professional, then energy healer and Vastu & Feng Shui consultant. I've learned that there is more than meets the eye. It's about subtle energy!

Mastering this subtle energy is the difference between people that survive, and those that actually thrive. It's about leveling up the quality of your living experience by tuning into subtle energy.

Simple shifts to our lives can greatly transform our everyday life to go from the mundane and ordinary to the life we were meant to live. It's not about the hard work or our education. It's about the subtle energy shifts that we create

About Me

17 years ago I made a life-changing decision. After completing my engineering degree, graduate school, and getting an MBA, just the thought of a regular 9-5 job made me cringe and feel suffocated. Thus began the journey to find out what brought me joy.

What followed has been the most fulfilling 17 years of my life. I found myself learning from the best masters in the fields of energetics of spaces and people, cymatics, sound therapy, meta physics, intuition, seeing auras, bioenergetics of people, food, plants, nutrition, body energy systems and multiple healing modalities. I also enjoyed the sthapathya veda, nature's architecture (vastu) and Feng Shui

MONICA VACHERY LIFEstyle design is what emerged from the beautiful 17 years of learning. This is my way of bridging the gaps I saw in our everyday living experience disconnected from subtle energy and of bringing a distinctive and personalized approach to the science and art of balancing our true inner self and outward expression.

What I Offer

What if you could make your day to day life easier? What if you could allow finances to flow easier into your life? What if maintaining good health wasn't too hard? What if your relationships were supporting and loving?

Aura (Biofield) Imaging & Analysis:

See a snapshot of your biofield (aura). This imaging reveals deep seated emotional blocks that may be causing physical and emotional symptoms. Send us your photos taken by your smart phone and we will show you your aura


Personal Energy Signatures

Soul Contract Readings - Star Of David Name Numerology

Vedic chart

Sound Healing - clear auric blocks

Energetic Balancing For Homes & Offices

Business & Wealth Energetics:

Join me for a 4 week journey to clear your energy blocks with abundance, a biofield tuning session and fine tuning your environment.

Our Objective:

To educate people that we are more than this physical body. We are a complete human energy system.

It's about learning how to build LIFE design into our lives and our environment 

L - Lifeforce energy or chi or prana

I - Intention & purpose 

F - Follow your joy

E - Express your unique Identity

Join us today and begin to feel the shift.

Hi, I’m Monica Verma Vachery

I am a passionate student, observing, researching, applying, & helping people for over 19 years now. The subject of subtle energy and Life Force (Prana) is one that excites me. Over the years my fascination with how it all works has only grown.

Being able to see how subtle energy and life force flows through us, through everything that surrounds us and how it flows through our environments is that thread that connects it all.

Working with subtle energy using healing modalities like Brennan healing, Reiki, and Energy medicine helped me understand and see how our body works with Lifeforce (chi or prana).

Working with Vaastu Masters and Feng Shui Masters helped me understand how the Lifeforce flows through our environments.

Over the years of working with many people both in physical healing as well as with energies of physical spaces I have been able to observe how a Lifeforce flow block in the physical environment shows up in the body of the people living there (with health issues or relationship issues), and when we use energy healing to clear the physical body of the person, the person either ends up clearing the energy block in their home or moving to a different home that doesn't have that block.

I began doing free sessions to share all the wonderful and amazing insights I was gaining. As the demand grew, I began teaching through paid workshops. I realized having an engineering and technology background I was always looking for logic or a scientific way to understand these esoteric concepts and as I shared these through the lens of an engineer it made more sense to people as well.

"Monica, has not only very deep understanding of Vaastu Shastra but knows how to connect with anyone who needs healing that pertain to physical, mental and spiritual. 

Her passion, mission and purity in thoughts and what she offers to the community friends and family with her knowledge in Vaastu, homeopathy, space clearing, magnetic therapy, nutrition and many other skills makes her a true Guru in health and wellness. 

Hearing her speak, one starts thinking positive and there is always a hope to improve life. Her intention to give back to the world the knowledge and experience she has is very inspiring and unconditional. She is a Giver! It is very rare to find someone like Monica who can help anyone in any area of life without expecting anything in return. 

Her sessions are very powerful and I can guarantee you will start thinking and perceiving things with a more positive outlook."  

Veena Deva

Veena Deva